"transwomen cant really talk about feminist stuff tho haha.." dont talk to me. dont talk to me. dont fucking talk to me. get away from me. dont talk to me dont touch me dont breathe near me. dnt breathe at all

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(shakes head) You come into MY house, you tell me MY favorite characters are heterosexual…

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drawings of my favourite bird that were inspired by the best account on twitter

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GET TO KNOW ME MEME → [1/5] favourite films

The Fall (2006)

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This is why I love the LotR fandom.

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Hold up for a second

All of these gifs are one man

The singular Buster Keaton

While filming the general

He snapped his neck on the railroad ties and went home and iced his body

And came back for work the next day

He once got his hip ripped out of its socket by a malfunctioning elevator and was disappointed with himself for being injured

He once had to fall 100 feet down a waterfall into a net

A stuntman tested it and broke both legs and dislocated his shoulder

Buster did the stunt anyway and landed without a scratch

In ‘the high dive’ Buster did a trick dive through a cardboard deck that was camouflaged to look like the real deck

Only he couldn’t tell from 100 feet up where the cardboard stopped and the real deck started and there was only like a three foot margin for error

And when he hesitated a sudden breeze literally knocked him off the diving board and he had to jump anyway

And he missed the real deck by less than a foot but he made it

In the second gif he’s recreating something that the actual general pursuers had to do in the civil war

If he misses that tie

The train will be derailed and he will die in the explosion

In the third gif an entire house is falling he has one take and if he has not done the calculations correctly he will be crushed

He has an inch-wide margin on each side

And the house literally brushes his left shoulder on the way down

You can see his left arm jump because he’s flinching from the pain

That last gif

He was supposed to make that jump

He was not supposed to fall and they hadnt planned for it

But he survived

Buster Keaton survived 100% of things that would have killed lesser men including wwi, tornados, housefires, alcoholism, broken nets, crushing depression, the depression itself, the mccarthy witchhunts, the end of silent cinema, and about 900 more of the stunts you see above

Buster lived to be 70 years old

Fathered like four kids and eight grandkids

He came out the other side of all that

Thinking that life was good and people were wonderful

Buster Keaton is not just a stuntman

He is a goddamn saint

Buster Keaton’s parents were part of a traveling show.

They were acrobats.

They took baby buster up high in the air with them.

They dropped him.

Luckily someone who was standing under them caught baby buster.

That man was Harry Houdini. 

Harry Houdini saved Buster Keaton’s life.

if you don’t think that’s the coolest shit you can get right out.

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Sleeping Beauty (1959) vs Maleficent (2014)

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